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From the very village of Peramea you can enjoy several walks and excursions.

  • The Old Way of Balestui (3 Km, 100 m gradient, 50 minutes)
  • The Sleeping Giantess (historic itinerary around Pla de Corts) (10Km, 200m gradient, 3 hours 30 minutes)
  • Itinerari circular pel fèrtil altiplà del Pla de Corts. Des de Peramea es puja a Cortscastell i Montcortés, a l’estany del qual ens podrem fer una remullada. La tornada a Peramea es fa passant per Bretui i la Masia d’Enjaume. Recomanacions: Itinerari per a dur a terme en qualsevol època de l’any, malgrat que a l’estiu s’han d’evitar les hores de més calor. A l’estany de Montcortès hi ha una àrea condicionada per a poder reposar, banyar-se i menjar.

From Peracalç you can enjoy an impressive hill slope with extraordinary views on the Pyrenees and Collegats.

  • Escales de Peracalç and Pic de l’Àliga (2Km, 50m gradient, 40 minutes)
El Cinquè Llac

For lovers of hiking route, we recommend El Cinquè Llac

Circular hiking itinerary in the Pyrenees, only 200 km from Barcelona, starting and finishing in Pobla de Segur, in 5 stretches. Our lodging house corresponds to the first stretch.

We are establishment Benvingut. 
We offer the best reception, information and technical support to hikers and cyclists so that you can enjoy the maximum of your active stay.

Pallars Sobirà is full of marked pathways. Surely there is one for you.

Casa Parramon, L’Era de Parramon and Lo Paller

The accommodations that will make you live Peramea in the first person



In Pallars Sobirà there is a wide range of activities for all tastes:

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