In Gerri de la Sal there are the salt-works and the Alfolí (salt warehouse), to learn about the process of production, transformation, storage and commercialization of salt. The salt pans have always shaped the face of Gerri, and the exploitation of the salty water fountain by means of evaporation was, for many years, the village’s main economic source.

Monastery and hermitage

In addition, there is a very interesting visit to the Monastery of Santa Maria, old Benedict coenobium, from the Romanesque (11-12th centuries), the most singular and important in the area.

The Hermitage of Mare de Déu d’Arboló on exiting Gerri de la Sal. It is set in a magnificent viewpoint above the river La Noguera Pallaresa, only accessed on foot. It has Lombard Romanesque style, with an only nave and rectangular plan, finished in the east by a semicircular apse. The first Sunday in May, there is a popular gathering held there.

Cultural Heritage of National Interest

From June 1995 it was declared, unanimously, Cultural Heritage of National Interest, considering the Alfolí de la Sal a historical monument, the largest civil building in the whole of the Pallaresan County. Their interest, for both the Alfolí and the salt pans, is because of their architectural value, as well as historic and cultural which mean they deserve a proper protection.